June 4 - 2010, St. Blasien-Schwarzwald

The competition "Grenzen fließen" is over.
The prizes were  handed over  by Michael Salvator Archduke Habsburg-Lorraine, by President Kinsky and by the initiator of the competition Peter Heinrich Wessenberg  

1st Award Dr. Peter Graf Coreth, Austria, Fratres
2nd Price Marc Glotz, Alsace, Flaxlanden
3rd Price Prof. Kerstin Odendahl, Dr. Hans Martin Tschudi, Dr. Joachim Beck

Kinsky, Wessenberg, Habsburg, Coreth, Dörflinger

July 7-2009: Visiting Abbot Michael Prohászka in "Stift Geras" and preparing the meeting of the SJF 2009

Abbot Michael Prochászka and the coordinators of the cultural and historical competition,  Brigitte and  Peter Heinrich Wessenberg, started with the preparations for a conference in the autumn of 2009. This meeting will present the results and works of each Regional Committee for the  competition "Grenzen fließen".

In planning:
Annual Conference of the Europ. Regional Committee

Working title: "Living specimen from the Rhine to the Danube"
Contributions from European Historical regions

 24 to 26 October 09
in "Stift Geras",
near the Czech border in the northern Waldviertel
Lower Austria

>> Conference Ambience

>>Stift Geras
Picture: Abt Michael mit P.H. Wessenberg in Stift Geras

March 1-2009:
An article in the online-journal, Constance
Fridjof Schultz-Friese has published an article in which he showed very well the connection between the prix Joan of Ferrette with the worldwide unique work of art, made by Johannes Dörflinger: his "border of art" between Switzerland and Germany.

>>the article

Source of the image:  border  between  Switzerland and Germany,  Constance and Kreuzlingen with the huges steles of Tarot.

January 31- 2009  saw the first presentation of the historical and cultural competition in Ferrette


photo gallery (in German)

The Society Joan of Ferrette, together with the Committee of the pan European Union of Alsace, has chosen the city of Ferrette in Alsace for the presentation of the Competition "Grenzen fließen" (flowing borders). Its purpose is to gather eminent historians of the Upper Rhine region and persons involved in cross-border cultural cooperation.>>The program (in French)

>>report (in French)  

 >>report (in German)

>>report of  the organisation Forum Carolus (in French)

>>1 >>2 , >>3  Three articles in the newspaper Alsacian DNA, in French

>>Damals: An article in the well-known historical journal DAMALS